“traktè ti sèvis piblik -bon traktè kontra enfòmèl ant”

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en 8:1-3) Before settling in their land, the Israelites were given this “It must occur that when Jehovah your God will bring you into the land that he swore to your forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to give you, great and good-looking cities that you did not build, and houses full of all good things and that you did not fill, and cisterns hewn out that you did not hew out, vineyards and olive trees that you did not plant, and you shall have eaten and become satisfied, watch out for yourself that you may not forget Jehovah.”—Deut.
You are pedantically correct in that “SI is not a unit.” SI is short for Le Système International d’Unités (International System of Units in English), and it defines a set of units and gives a set of handy base 10 prefixes to make life easier (because it’s faster to write 5 km than to write 5 000 m).  Thus saying “an SI unit” is perfectly correct, because the whole purpose of SI is to define units.  Even so, my only mention of SI at all was “SI style prefixes,” which I assume doesn’t actually run afoul of your definition of what SI is because I’m not even talking about SI; only talking about something that mimics its naming convention.
Animal-based fats were once the only trans fats consumed, but by far the largest amount of trans fat consumed today is created by the processed food industry as a side effect of partially hydrogenating unsaturated plant fats (generally vegetable oils). These partially hydrogenated fats have displaced natural solid fats and liquid oils in many areas, the most notable ones being in the fast food, snack food, fried food, and baked goods industries.[48]
Explorer is just following existing practice. Everybody (to within experimental error) refers to 1024 bytes as a kilobyte, not a kibibyte. If Explorer were to switch to the term kibibyte, it would merely be showing users information in a form they cannot understand, and for what purpose? So you can feel superior because you know what that term means and other people don’t.
The kibibyte is a multiple of the unit byte for quantities of digital information. The binary prefix kibi means 210, or 1024; therefore, 1 kibibyte is 1024 bytes. The unit symbol for the kibibyte is KiB.[1]
The prefix mebi is a binary prefix derived from the words mega and binary, indicating its origin in the closeness in value to the SI prefix mega. One mebibyte (MiB) is 220, i.e. 1024 × 1024 bytes,[8] or 1048576bytes.
Usually a foyer is a large, specially designed hall, but sometimes, it is a corridor surrounding the main hall. It is furnished and big enough to enable spectators to stroll, get together and relax. Foyers are commonly adorned with art works, permanent or temporary exhibitions related to the activity of the institution, and a refreshment room or buffet. Moreover, the foyer can be the main place of some events such as vernissage, meetings with the artists, actors’ benefit, etc.
Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader in the financial services business. At Wealth Sowers the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.
In September 2017, Deere & Company signed a definitive agreement to acquire Blue River Technology, which is based in Sunnyvale, California and is a leader in applying machine learning to agriculture. Blue River has designed and integrated computer vision and machine learning technology that will enable growers to reduce the use of herbicides by spraying only where weeds are present, optimizing the use of inputs in farming.[43]
I realise the reported connection speed in the tray^H^H^H^Htaskbar notification area is a an exception. I don’t think redefining what the units mean in some existing tools will resolve that unfortunate ambiguity, though. It’ll just add to the confusion.
Partially hydrogenated oils have been used in food for many reasons. Hydrogenation increases product shelf life and decreases refrigeration requirements. Many baked foods require semi-solid fats to suspend solids at room temperature; partially hydrogenated oils have the right consistency to replace animal fats such as butter and lard at lower cost. They are also an inexpensive alternative to other semi-solid oils such as palm oil.[citation needed]
S/O to the performers, the Djs for playing the jams that had the crowd dancing making my job easy 😬 for the people that came out and a special S/O to those who have inboxed me thanking me for holding it down on the mic!
Royal Society of Chemistry Read & Publish – a new open access agreement for KI researchers! More info: https://kib.ki.se/en/whatsup/news/royal-society-chemistry-read-publish-new-open-access-agreement-ki-researchers …pic.twitter.com/bVB57FM7zT
Jump up ^ “Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Dietetic products, nutrition and allergies (NDA) related to the presence of trans fatty acids in foods and the effect on human health of the consumption of trans fatty acids. Question number: EFSA-Q-2003-022”. 2004. Archived from the original on 22 January 2009. Retrieved 20 February 2009.
Yon oto-lopital ak loading machin pou chaje materyèl gaye nan machin oswa lòt ekipman. Chajè a kapab tou pote sou travay la pèl limyè, nan ranplasman nan ekipman ki koresponn lan ap travay, men tou, ka pote sou tè a, leve, chaje ak dechaje nan bwa ak asye tiyo ak lòt operasyon yo.
I’m working on a web app that will show the size of certain files, and I’m wondering if there’s any consensus about how to report the units of bytes. Technically the IEC has weighed in with an official standard, but I’m not sure that’s worth much.
Holders for memory addresses must be of a size capable of expressing the needed range of values but not be excessively large, so often the size used is the word though it can also be a multiple or fraction of the word size.
There are two accepted tests that measure an individual’s risk for coronary artery disease, both blood tests. The first considers ratios of two types of cholesterol, the other the amount of a cell-signalling cytokine called C-reactive protein. The ratio test is more accepted, while the cytokine test may be more powerful but is still being studied.[68] The effect of trans fat consumption has been documented on each as follows:
25.5 hp‡ (19 kW); automatic; 4-wheel steer; full-time 4WD; electronic fuel injection; available mower decks (priced separately) are 48-in., 54-in. High Capacity, and 60-in. High Capacity (Setup Included)
You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more
The plot involving the key may seem similar to Daldry’s previous film, Extremely Loud Incredibly Close, which focuses on a kid trying to discover what the key opens across New York City, but in this case we discover it pretty early on in the film, but the discovery leads to more mystery and thrills. The three lead characters are much more charismatic and the film delivers several funny moments. It is an engaging thriller that gradually build the suspense, but unfortunately the ending is a bit far fetched and stretched out. Martin Sheen and Rooney Mara have supporting performances as he plays Father Julliard and she an English teacher named Olivia who is doing volunteer work. Both end up involved in the case when they decide to help the kids out in different ways. Despite these familiar faces, the true stars of the film are Tevez, Luis, and Weinstein who bring a lot of charisma and innocence to the story. The film’s message is heavy handed as it is a social cry against political corruption and it is juxtaposed against these innocent children who feel like they are being crushed by the unfair system. The film never feels raw enough to convey that strong emotional message, but it is presented in such a way that feels upbeat and entertaining nonetheless. Trash is worth a watch for the performances of these young actors and the gorgeous cinematography capturing the beauty of Brazil. There are also some very interesting and well filmed chase sequences that help build the overall suspense and thrills that the film delivers.
The Ubuntu developer Canonical implemented an updated units policy in 2010 and as of Ubuntu 10.10 all versions now adhere to the IEC binary prefix for base-2 units and the SI prefix for base-10 units.[13]
A Committee set up by the management of the Federal University Oye Ekiti for the establishment of Faculty of Law in the Institution has submitted its report. Receiving the report, the Vice Chancellor Professor Kayode Soremekun expressed delight over the Promptness of the Committee assuring that his administration will not waste time on the follow up programmes that will actualize the objective… Read More…
The story of Joe [Dallesandro] and his lover-protector, Holly [Woodlawn], who is something to behold, a comic book Mother Courage who fancies herself as Marlene Dietrich but sounds more like Phil Silvers. Joe and Holly try to make a go of things in their Lower East Side basement, from which Holly goes forth from time to time to cruise the Fillmore East and to scavenge garbage cans, while Joe’s journeys are in search of real junk… Trash is true-blue movie-making, funny and vivid.–Vincent Canby, The New York Times. Written and directed by Paul Morrissey, “presented” by Andy Warhol. Written by Anonymous

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